I hear Easter music
When I see my Easter basket, I once had,
I loved Easter so much
It was a time to be glad

On my first Easter, I had this beautiful basket
I remember it, like it was yesterday
There was a shiny egg to look through
To see the special treat inside,
The little town with a train
Of bunnies and a hidden egg to find
Or a beautiful scene was there
Of little people and houses
It looked so real,
Every Easter I had an egg just like that to feel.

I was so delighted to have a big foil bunny to hold
Little sugar ducks and chocolate eggs
With delicious fillings so sweet,
The little town with a train
The trees all branched out with fruit to eat,
Baskets with beautiful ribbons
Cotton candy or a caramel apple treat

Then came a new Easter Bonnet
With flowers of all kinds, yellow, pink and blue
The dress was made of ladies silk
Shoes all shiny new

Then when I walked to church
I looked like a princess,
With feathers and Easter blooms on my hat
So glad when Easter is coming back

When I looked at the gold cross
I felt blessed and loved
There has never been a time, Jesus was not with me
At Easter, I felt loved most of all
Easter will always be a happy time for my heart to see.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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