His Mercy Endures Forever written by Glenna M. Baugh with love...............

God's mercy endures forever in a mysterious way
Believe in blessings He displays each day
And pray the well of His mercy never runs dry
As He cares for us with tender love from on high.

God's love and mercy is unsurpassed
Worth more than earthly fame
Whatever we ask in prayer we will receive
For all who believe in His name.

God's mercy is a gift from above
And earned through prayer and love
When we keep God in our heart and mind
Then true mercy will flow for all mankind.

Be still, let the mercy of God fill your soul
He is the only one that can make you whole
So open your heart and truly feel
That God's mercy is very real.

Glenna M. Baugh ©2008
Living by Faith

"Believe that God's mercy
can bring mercy into your heart"
~Quote by Glenna~

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