The sky is dark
The moon is out
Nothing is stirring
No one's about.
Houses are dark
Street lights are on
Everything is quiet
I'm waiting for dawn.

They're all asleep
Except for me
I'm staring at the night
Struggling to see.
Searching for something
To ease my soul
I feel all alone
I feel so old.

A cry from within
No one hears
Days gone by
Have turned into years.
I ponder and reflect
Events from my past
I am amazed
It went so fast.

Things left unsaid
Things left undone
My life seems to be
A continual rerun.
I should change
This I know
I ask the Lord
To make it so.

Help me to change
Help me to see
Brighten the darkness
Help me to be me.
Change my thinking
Change my view
Pull me closer
Closer to you.

Awaken my senses
Open my eyes
Hear my pleas
Hear my cries.
I feel so lost
Show me the way
The sun is rising
I hear what you say.

'Love yourself
Like no other
Spread the love
To all sisters and brothers.
Feel my love
Within your heart
I'm always here
I'll never depart.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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