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Listening To The Quiet...

When listening to the quiet, My God and I commune...
I listen as he whispers, But I must stay in tune.
He speaks to me through nature, For He created all...
I feel the gentle breezes And hear the songbird's call.

Listen!... Hear the little bird Now calling for its mate...
Only God could plan it so And then, indeed create.
Stress and fear are pushed aside For quiet times must be
Times when God alone must have The top priority.

He whispers gently to me About His loving care...
"For the lilies of the field and the birds up in the air.
How much more I'll care for you"...His special words to me...
If I could hear the quiet, I'd miss so much, you see.

Lord, keep me always tender And sensitive to you...
What I hear in the quiet Restores my faith anew.

©Anna M. Matthews

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