Tears will wash my eyes

It was an ordinary day, I had no reason to cry
As you walked out the door, you washed the tears from my eyes
When you left, I felt empty somehow, I did not know why
You called me with tears in your eyes
You told me planes were hitting the twin towers
People were dying and you did not know if you were coming home
I started to scream, my worse nightmare was happening
I heard these terrorists were from Iraq
Dying for religion alone.

Tears will wash my eyes
Will there ever be peace again
Will all I see be smoke
Or will the air clear
So I can see the horizon
We all want freedom from our fear

I was very calm when I heard the news
My husband was high-jacked
His last words were
"Let's roll em"
I heard after, how all the passengers
Said The Lord's Prayer
While standing in a circle
Going to their death
To reach heaven
All led by one great hockey player to the end.

His wife, with tears washing her eyes
Remembered only a few hours ago
How her husband touched her with his hands
The sadness had begun,
Yet, he died a brave man,
On September eleven, two thousand and one.

Let us all remember
Those brave men of our land,
The women and children
Who died for freedom and the American flag

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry

Only when you lose someone for a great cause, do we realize
how important freedom and the American flag truly is



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