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Faith is believing with all your heart,
In what your senses say cannot be,
In what you cannot hear or touch,
Or in what you cannot see.
Faith is hard to come by,
And harder yet to hold,
We tend to doubt and loose our faith,
When troubled times unfold.
Faith will keep you going,
When troubles plague your soul,
As Jesus told us in the Bible,
Thy faith shall make thee whole.
Although we do not see Jesus,
We know He's always there,
We know He's never far away,
And we know He always cares.
Although we cannot hear Him speak,
We know what Jesus said,
We know that He died for our sins,
And that He was raised up from the dead.
Although we weren't at the crucifixion,
We know that it occurred,
We know these things because it is written,
In the Bible, which is God's Holy word.
Salvation depends on a childlike faith,
That Jesus died for you,
Believe with all your heart and soul,
And know that it is true.
Ask Jesus to come into your heart,
And wash your sins away,
Accept Him as your Saviour,
Just call upon His name.
So when your soul is troubled,
And hope evades your sight,
Have faith in God, and all the shadows,
Will fade before the light.

used with permission
©2000 Calvin Hart

She said to herself, If I only touch his cloak,
I will be made well. Jesus turned, and seeing her
he said, Take heart, daughter; your faith has
made you well. -Matthew 9:21-22

Your faith has made you well; go in peace,
and be healed of your disease. -Mark 5:34

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