What you see is only temporary
What you don't see is eternal
You feel it in your heart, it is a part
Of everything that is internal.

You soul speaks to you everyday
But do you ever bother to listen?
You tune it out when it screams or shouts
Don't you feel the tug within?

God's invisible force surrounds you
It's something you can't see
Just be aware, have faith, He cares
He'll set your spirit free.

Just because you can't see Him
Doesn't mean He doesn't exist
He's always around, this I have found
Just be diligent and don't resist.

Believe in what can't be seen
Don't question what you've been told
Accept what I say, He'll lead the way
He'll welcome you into His fold.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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