Back when my loving father and mother
Made their cozy little home,
I came along pretty soon
To end the peaceful days they owned.

I guess they didn't have to choose
For me to fill their empty hearts,
But, I am sure so thankful
Their lives were sabotaged.

By night my Dad would walk the floor
Then still work hard by day,
And when he came back home again
I'd entice him out to play.

I didn't hear him grumble very much
He'd merely grin at me and say,
Ah, you make putty of a man
But that's just a womans way.

I never then did figure out
Why he thought little me so grown up,
How could I know I was a mini version
Of my sweet mothers heart.

As with a twinkle in his merry eye
At anything I asked,
Whatever problem I might bring
He'd always fix on my behalf.

Ah, my Father has been good to me
All the years we've been together,
But, you know what is the best..
He'll be my Dad No#1 forever.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

If there is anything
better than being loved,
It is loving.

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