For My Beloved On Father's Day

For My Beloved On Father's Day

Sweetheart, I thank you today
for fathering the little buds
the blossom of our love

I love you, admire you
For the beauty of your fatherhood
The way you give yourself
Always for another's good

I love you darling
for all you softly are
beloved of my heart
I give you my hug today
with gratitude
for all the loving you impart

I thank God He gave me you
to walk together the river of life

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008
Poetry From The Heart

The light of the soul is love,
The lamp of the spirit, truth;
The glory of mind is reason,
The beauty of time is youth;
The wonder of earth is heaven,
The treasure of heaven, grace;
The jewel of heart, that sweetness
I find within your face!
~Louise W. Sutton~

I love you darling
Happy Father's Day !

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