~My Husband..My Friend~

Today, on Father's day I ponder
Why you are, and who you are to me,
Is it for all that you may give
Or what it is for me to be.

Do I love, because of how
You return to me each night,
And are always there for me
In any heartache, unknown plight


Could I consider you my dearest friend
Because I ask for some advice,
When there are paths unseen
And you guide me very wise.

Am I gladsome for your presence
Your strength, on which to lean,
Do I love the way you laugh
And sometimes play with me.

Do I draw from you our Father's love
With faith to face another day,
If you were as any other
Would I love you, come what may.

Might I admire your masculinity
Your deep voice and manly ways,
Darling, I'm so grateful God gave you me
I love you always in every way.

Thank you for being my Husband, my friend
Have a blessed Father's Day


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠJune 2011
Poetry From The Heart


My Husband became my own,
when he gave me love
My Husband became my heart
When he became my friend

Happy Father's Day !

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