There's a very special way
A Father always is,
He has a style his own, unique,
And if lost, is sorely missed.

For, a father's touch reflects
The ways of God's own heart,
The care and the protection
A man alone imparts.

God made a father just so
For reasons that He knows,
To bring to us the balance
He gives to make a home.

A child will be secure
When covered by that love,
Encircled in the Father's heart
Extending from above.

Yes, a father's love is vital
A touch of the divine,
God grants to us a father
His Father heart to find.

So, if we have a loving father
We'll see The Father's heart,
But, if for us, 'twas somewhat less
Then, we'll crave what God imparts
He knows, whichever way
By HIS touch, we're ever blessed.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2011
Poetry From The Heart

Time is written in volumes three
The past, the present, and yet to be
The past is written, and laid away
The present Father's love, we're living day by day
And yet to be, greatest of volumes three
Is hidden from our sight,
Our Heavenly Father holds the key

Happy Father's Day!

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