Feelings Of Love written by Norma Duncan with love...........

Feelings Of Love

We can not control the feelings of love
We don't choose whom we fall in love with
It's a strange mysterious delightful force
It is reality and never just a myth

When in love the sun shines brighter
The stars and moon have a different glow
There's a waltz in our foot steps
We wish everyone could know

We wake up in the mornings happier
We sleep at night in a dreamers trance
All day we float on heavenly clouds
Thinking more and more about romance

Continuously looking forward to another time
When together once again we can be
Hoping it won't be very long at all
Until there's another lovers spree

We no longer feel alone and lonely
Because our heart now wears a smile
There is someone with whom we can share
We now feel whole and more worthwhile

Their presence seems to always be near
Hovering about us with a protective arm
Encouraging us onward to achieve goals
Helping keep us from danger and harm

Norma Duncan AKA Mistymaiden© 2007
God's Rock Of Glory

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