How Can I Make You Feel My Love

If I chase the stars in dark of night
Or sail the deep blue sea, thus
I have tears running down my face-
How can I make you feel my love

We live in a crazy world
What do I do, to reach your heart
I feel the tide pulling me
I cry out your name,
For we feel the same pain
With no ending and no start
How can I make you feel
My everlasting heart

I cry almost every day,
In my arms I want you to always stay
As rainfall storms above
Give me your body, your life and soul
How can I make you feel my love

In all tomorrow's, yet to be
Give me back the very life of me
All I need is a word to come
Telling me we feel the same-
And you too feel my love

Linda Ann Henry ©2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...


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