Big For A Little Fella...isn't he.....

Big For A Little Fella

Our dog was big for just a little fella,
He didn't know that he was small,
Cause his enlarged heart
Made him stand so tall.
His 'job' was to protect the yard,
He never knew they mocked,
When they saw 'Beware of the dog'
On the gates securely locked.
His kingdom was his world to rule,
To chase the hens or puss or pest,
His bark was strong, his head held high,
His pedigree, no-one could guess.
That little brain no detriment,
For he was a clever one it's true,
With a passle of tricks so clever
That he would treat us to.
Gidday, please shake my paw,
Or shall I do the twist?
I'll roll over for a treat,
Beg for more or even sit.
But my favourite game is grab,
And catch me if I run,
I'll twist and turn and dodge,
I love to tease for fun.
Just take me with you, is my plea,
I so want to be your friend,
Keep me ever in your heart,
For I'll love you 'til the end.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2003

Big For A Little Fella and you may click here to share this greeting with your friends and family
Big For A Little Fella and please share this greeting with your friends and family

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