Precious and few are the memories of you
You have been there for me that is true
Where do I go from here
Heaven, for you is very near
How do I cope, I know there is hope
You are so very dear
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Precious and few are the loving years we have shared
I was your little baby, I belonged to you
You helped me through the life I knew
God planned when He created me
To give me a father, who would help me see
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When you die, I will look for a little butterfly
Take me flying with you please
So we can see all the beauty, God's love, come to be
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Precious and few, are those we must let go
From the world and the life we know
When I watch you fly in the air
To heaven you go, with my love I have shared
Tell The Lord, you did your best
You, my father have need of rest.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

In memory of William Woodrow Henry.
Everything I am or have been, I owe to my father.
Those we love do not die,
they only turn into butterflies.

Linda Ann Henry would truly appreciate your prayers and e-mail.....

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