Fighting DepressionFighting Depression
Fighting Depression

My thoughts and prayers are for you
In this darkness you endure
Reaching evermore to find
God's love forever pure

Please know that you are loved
Upheld in prayer always
Each moment, for the wonder
Of God to be your stay

May His promises, be strength
To meet your every need
His love, the gentle rampart
For comfort when you weep

His peace, the restful calm
On nights you cannot sleep
His hope, for each tomorrow
When light you want to see

His beauty, your delight
When darkness veils the day
His smile, the very glory
That can never go away

God's blessing is upon you
this day and every day

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

God does not ask, faith in thy faith,
but only faith in Him:
and thus He says,
'In Me alone you live'

Dear Lord, in all our loneliest pains
Thou hast the largest share and
that which is unbearable,'
Tis Thine, not ours, to bear.
~Frederick W. Faber~

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"Great Is Thy Faithfulness"
© 2001 by Ezra Bufford
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