Flame of Love..............

As the wind whistles
Through the barren trees,
As I pray in solitude
Before You on my knees,

I feel Your warmth
Here in the cold of morn;
Your presence I feel,
For I have been reborn.

How can I feel sunshine
When it is gray and cold?
How can my timid heart
Grow both strong and bold?

I can with You, Lord,
For Your Spirit reigns in me;
You have kissed me with warmth,
With life eternally.

Should the snow fall,
Should wintry winds blow,
The flame of Your eternal love
Is all I feel and know.

Fill me all the more, Jesus,
With Your holy flame;
My heart You transform, Lord,
Never to be the same.

I shall sing Your praises
Winter, fall, summer, spring;
You reign in all seasons,
You are the eternal King.

I rejoice that Your Spirit
Does my heart now fill;
Warmed with love I am,
For I live to do Your will.


©Caroline Gavin Nov.2012
Purposeful Pathway

They saw what seemed to be
tongues of fire that separated
and came to rest on each of them.
Acts 2:3

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