Our First Love

Think back to the day when you met Him,
When you surrendered your all to the Lord;
Do you remember the grace He had shown you,
How He paid the price we could never afford?

How free you had felt from the bondage,
No longer carrying that great burden of sin,
Knowing that you had finally been forgiven,
His presence was now felt within.

A new life had begun with the Savior,
You had longed to learn of His ways,
Your desire was to earnestly seek Him,
In His word and in prayer everyday.

Does that fire still burn deep within you?
Do you walk faithfully down the path that He leads?
Is your communion with Him still as precious
Or do you cry out to Him when there's only great need?

Lord, I pray we'll remember you always,
We'll not forget the great sacrifice you made,
The blood that you shed there at Calvary,
May the memory of that day never fade.

When you arose from the grave "three" days later,
Proving there was life after death evermore,
May we realize the awesomeness of your rising,
The eternal life that we now have in store.

Now, Oh Lord, I pray that you'll remind us,
To daily worship our Father Above,
Rekindle the fire that once burned so brightly,
For You, our dear Savior, OUR FIRST LOVE.

© 03
Linda Lee Wolovich

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