~ Forever Football ~

When we are passed the ball to run
What might we do with it?
Shall we pass it to and fro
Or sadly sit and think.

Would we elbow or go scrummage
Or head butt it out of sight,
Shall we race away and hide
Or play with it at night.

Will we share the ball with others
Or play by our own rules,
Do we want to keep the ball
Or cheer for it at all.

Will we roll it, fling it, claim it
Or take a mighty kick,
To make it our sure goal
Or just give it the flick.

What is the ball you ask
That God has given us,
Yes, it's His love to keep
To love as Jesus does.

We can claim the prize
By running with God's love,
For that's the way to tackle
If we might play above.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Jan2011
Poetry from the Heart

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