Today as we gather thoughts together
In memory of a time now gone,
Our hearts fill, overflow with sentiment
Of all that we have known.

We murmur thanks, for where we've been,
To be where we are today,
We didn't arrive here all alone
Without the love along the way.

We're pulling through, our God's been good
As now we look around,
At how we've grown and travelled on
In all of God we've found.

We're grateful for the special friendship
The adventure, and the fun,
The life of God we've shared
And especially His love.

We can't turn back the clock
Time's marching on, no matter what,
But in our hearts we know a joy
Oh yes, we understand a lot.

We're glad of all, we now reflect
Sweetly reminisce, re-play
The laughter, oneness, games
And all the funny things we'd say.

We stand as one this day to honor
All we hold of yesterday,
As from our hearts we warmly say
May God give to those we love

The worlds most beautiful bouquet.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems   © July 2010
Poetry from the heart

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