Forever Treasure...

Sunlight sparkles
On budding leaves of green,
A springtime breeze,
Gently felt yet not seen,

Birds sing together,
So graceful and mild,
Their songs stirring memories
Of being a child,


Buttercups and butterflies
In the vast field dance;
Surely none of this
Could come by chance.

For Your loving hand
Touches all that I see:
So here in Your creation
I feel eternity.


Everything has purpose,
A rich meaning too;
Everything longs to know,
Love and serve You.

From the trees tall,
To the flowers bright,
From the sun of noonday
To the stars of midnight,


All of creation
Sings of Your glory,
All that You make
Speaks Your story.

So with butterflies,
With blossoms growing,
With budding leaves,
With rivers flowing,


I sing Your song,
I rejoice in all You are,
From the deepest ocean
To the highest star,

And as I see sunlight
Sparkle in leaves of green,
I keep my eyes fixed on You,
On treasures unseen.

Caroline Gavin İMay 2013
Purposeful Pathway


Hebrews 11:3
By faith we understand that
the universe was created
by the word of God,
so that what is seen was not
made out of things that are visible.

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