~ Thank you For Interceding ~

I thank You Lord for dearest friends
Who are standing in the gap,
Interceding for my life today
When all my strength is sapped.

I thank them for their thoughtfulness
The ways they always care,
I thank them for their love
And never ceasing prayer.

I thank You Jesus for the gift
Of all that they impart,
For they are from Yourself
A gift from Your own heart.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İOct. 2011
Poetry from The Heart

I would like to send you a sunbeam,
or the twinkle of a distant star;
Or a tiny piece of the downy fleece,
that clings to cloud afar.
I would like to send you dewdrops
that glisten at the break of day;
And then, at night,
the eerie light that soars the Milky Way.
But these are just wild thoughts,
so I'll send Godspeed instead;
I'll clasp your hand, then you'll understand
all the things I left unsaid.
-~ Author Unknown ~

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