Will The Morning Shine For Me

Will the morning shine for me
Will I see God's light
Will I fly into the trees
Will I be part of God's Art

Can I hear the angels soar
Into this world forevermore
Watch the dove come to me
May He bless me with a kiss
In Jesus' arms, I want to be
May God's love, watch over me

Will the morning shine in the sun
I want to walk beside Jesus
Look in His eyes of blue
I know this can come true

Dear Heavenly Father, light my way
Help me follow in Your footsteps today
I hold out my hands for the Father
I fly into the clouds to be blessed by the Holy Spirit
I give my whole heart to Jesus, who loves us all
With these three things, I do not need more.

© 2006 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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