I Have Dreams For You And Me

I have dreams for you and me
Dreams of a life, so tenderly
You are the only one
Who has all my heart
Though I cannot see you
You play an important part

You have dreams, I know you do
I am in your dream,
I love being part of you
When I see the sunset, I feel you near
Do you realize how very dear this day
For my heart tells me I am yours
Beyond today and always

I watch your garden grow
Inside my heart
It rarely rains in my dreams
For a golden light shines
As I hold you close
In the love we find

I have dreams for you and me
Looking into your eyes, forever true
Gentle and kind,
They surely do, made me weak-
Please can I keep
This vision I love so much
In my soul, I believe
Now and forever we will love
In this life, you and I will be

Linda Ann Henry ©2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...

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Music: Dream Of Me
Sequenced by CCM MIDI
Permission Granted
Artist: Michael W. Smith