Give them a vision Lord
A sight to see beyond
Past all the suffering and pain
To see the path to walk upon.

Give them sight to see within the dust
The beauty of Your way,
A special miracle from Yourself
Of sweet courage to face another day.

Give them of Your warmth Lord
In the darkness of the night,
Fill their hearts with Your glowing love
So they can see Your light.

Give them Your ears Lord
To hear above the shrapnel shrill,
What Your soul is whispering
The tolling of Your joyous bell.

Give them a cooling touch of Your peace Lord
As they face the searing heat,
Thirsting in the dry barrenness
For You their desperate need.

Give them Your gentle hands Lord
Touching each heart with soft comfort,
So they may keep on caring
And know the battle that is fought.

Give them Your strength Lord
To wake every dawn to walk Your way,
May they know our support and Your power
Holding them closer every day.

And if You should take them on home Lord
Then we know You'll love them there,
Heal every memory that hurts them sore
Wherever they are, they're in Your perfect care.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2003 used with permission

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