Spirit Of Freedom written by Joyce Ann Geyer with love..........

Spirit Of Freedom

Majestic mountains with dazzling rivers
Splendid lakes and elegant birds of flight
Sumptuous green hillsides
Outstanding glorious scenery
Striking sunsets here in America!

Our beautiful United States
We enjoy our freedom of speech
Education, and opportunities are many
Every American chooses our own destiny
All young men and women may choose military
Or a profession fitting their personality

Whether a banker or physician we have free choice
These are all the reasons of a free country
No one is forced to do anything
We all have a choice
This is why we say God Bless America

Because God has chosen us to have all
People of all creeds, nationalities, faiths
All of our forefathers came from other countries
We are the melting pot of the world
How wonderful to enjoy each others cultures
Foods, clothing languages and appreciate all
For we are all God's children.

God Bless Us!

© 2006Joyce Ann Geyer

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