~ Free gift of God ~

Here in the stillness of morn,
Soft sunlight dances ‘round;
The gentle rustling of trees
Is the only sound.

This scene is a gift of God,
A free gift of His hand;
I bask in the soft sunlight,
I marvel beauty of the land.

All of these free gifts
Fill my heart with joy and peace;
How can I not feel God’s love
And all my fears release?

Yet far sweeter than these,
Than these natural gifts I see,
Is the gift of Jesus Christ
And His gift on Calvary.

My heart begins to tremble
Upon seeing my Beloved bleed;
Jesus, You are my Everything,
You fill every want and need.

You gave Your all to me,
So with You I do belong;
I praise You, O my Jesus,
You are my life and my song.

This is the free gift of God,
The gift He had long planned;
Salvation we find in Sacrifice,
Christ gives the Promised Land.

So here in the still morn,
As soft sunlight dances ‘round,
I embrace the free gift of God,
Rejoicing that Jesus I have found.


Caroline Gavin ©Oct. 2012
Purposeful Pathway

For the wages of sin is death,
but the free gift of God
is eternal life
through Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23

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