Sisters By Love written by Derry ~aka~ Heartwhispers with love.....................
Sisters By Love..........

Day after day we are given
the gift of being together
sisters of heart
to walk on life's path

Day after day your love
comes to me
a song on the wind
a joy deep within

Day after day,
a stranger no more
but one that I keep
a friend through it all

Day after day
I cherish you still
the smiles that you share
with me until

Day after day
I am never alone
though sometimes I'm lonesome
after you're gone

Day after day
God keeps us as friends
how grateful I am
your prayers never end

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007
Poetry From The Heart

Pals of the heart
sisters by love
God made us

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Sequenced by Steve Israel and Elton Smith
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