My Special Child written by Ginny Bryant with love......
My Special Child........

Each child is a blessing
God sent from above
To cherish and to care for
With unconditional love.

No matter how they come to us
We know that we are blessed
Some days are a struggle
As He puts us to the test.

Some children are handicapped
Yet their eyes glow full of joy
These are our special angels
Be it girl or be it boy.

I look into that precious face
See how the hope shines there
Please know how much I love you
Your special life I'll share.

As we climb the highest mountain
From the dark valley below
My arms holding you tightly
As we follow God's golden glow.

Though things may be different
As you look around and see
I'll always stand beside you
Me for you and you for me.

Yes, you are my special angel
God sent from above
Different from many other's
Yet a heart full of love.

I thank God for the special gift
Each day the whole year through
One that I'll love forever
For the gift He gave was YOU.

Ginny Bryant © 2007
Journey Of Love

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