Look A Butterfly written by Derry~AKA~Heartwhispers with love.......................
Look A Butterfly..........

Your life is calm, serene at peace
I see the Lord in you
Your heart content, through every test
The Father's love in you is true

Your eyes are kind, your lips e'er set
To sweetly smile in Jesus' rest
Your brow un-lined, no worry there
But trust the Father knows 'tis best
Your ears attuned, to other's needs
To move within His perfect will
As God's great goodness you receive
Your hands He bids for service still

You are so special, sweet and calm,
No wonder butterflies would come....
For your dear heavenly Father
Has filled your heart with love

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007

Yet, now what is of the blessed below
but that they love,
the Lord they know

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