Happy was the laughter
from childhood voices long ago
Gleeful were the giggles
when sharing secrets,
which others didn't know.

Whenever time for supper,
around the table we would sit
and reminisce of happy moments,
embracing the day's events.

Happy were the children
who gathered outdoors to play,
inventing games with much pleasure,
so that none would be turned away.

The days were jubilant,
the days were long
and ended up in childlike weariness,
which was comforted by song.

The fireflies and butterflies
kept themselves busy as we played,
lighting here and there
bringing enchantment,
so beautifully arrayed.

At the evening call,
we all turned to go our separate ways.
Another beautiful ending
to a perfectly innocent day.

As the years soon passed before us,
not many do we now frequently meet;
Those who spent so many hours with us,
from just right down the street.

But, as we reflect in hindsight,
of all the memories we share,
we still feel the closeness,
of the magical times,
and wish, once more,
that we were there.

Sandra Lewis Pringle © 2007
River of Spirit Greetings

God bless our friends,
near and far!

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Sequenced By: Jack Hall

The beautiful art piece is by Joseph Clark
Entitled: Three Little Kittens (1883)