Friendship is everlasting love.........

Thankful for my friend....

When I think of all my earthly treasures,
your name comes to mind.
I thank you for your friendship,
so precious and so kind.

It's great to know that I have company,
and that I do not walk alone;
I can speak to you from the heart,
either on the internet, or by phone.

We may be separated by distance,
but the heart is able to travel far.
And we enjoy our friendship,
no matter, where we are.

I just wanted you to know today,
how thankful, for YOU, I am!
And I wish to let you know,
every chance I can.

Thank you, my friend!

Sandra Lewis Pringle ©2007

"A true friend is long sought,
hardly ever found,
but worth keeping forever."
~Sandra Lewis Pringle~

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