My Friend written by Bernice Ward with love...............

~ My Friend ~

I'm so happy you are my friend
I thank God for you each day
You are only a e-mail away,
We are friends now until the end.

We may never meet down here
But at the Jordan river we will share.
You are truly one of a kind,
When I talk to God, you're on my mind.

God knew I would need a special friend
I thank Him for sending you my way.
Just know that I love you dearly,
I pray God's love in your heart to stay.

You make my days happy and bright
Sending e-mail across the miles
You always know just what to say,
Your kind words make me smile.

I find strength in good days and bad
And when the clouds are hanging low,
God says, hold on a little longer child,
I'm sending trials to help you grow.


Bernice Ward ©2007

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