Just Like First Snow written by Derry ~aka~Heartwhispers with love..................

Just Like First Snow written by Derry ~aka~Heartwhispers with love..............

It's in the quietest things,
like the first fall of snow, I know
that love, the more resounds
I may have thought that words were telling much,
yet talking is mere whispers
for I've found it's what you do, that shouts

For I see your life made up of actions
just like the snow for all to see
that blankets all beneath
Your actions cover all you are each day
I know you now by what you do
not just by what you say

Unconsciously, I've been absorbing how you are
throughout a normal day
hearing the smile upon your face
You may have said a multitude of words
but remembered most of all,
is the sweetness of your grace

Just as I open my window to the first snow
a delight upon my path
so your soft actions bring refreshment to my heart
The warmth of your tender hand
the life of God you always share
'tis such a special love that you impart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2007
Poetry From The Heart

It gives us a feeling of light-heartedness
and at the same time the satisfaction
that we have given our hearts to each other
and with joy we greet one another
with a true sense of being!

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