Such A Cozy Friendship.............
When I'm wishing for a friend
Then need I wish no more
For I can just come here to sit
And you're right at my heart's door

I do not need to travel far
Or search for some great love
For my friend's so close to talk to
And I only need the one

For you can share your struggles
As I too share all mine
And before too long we're smiling
From all the joy we find

Just spending time together
With someone sweet and true
Is the loveliest of blessings
How I thank God for you

Thank you for being a beautiful friend!

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

Matthew 24:34-35 (KJV)
Verily I say unto you,
This generation shall not pass,
till all these things be fulfilled.
Heaven and earth shall pass away,
but my words shall not pass away.

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