My Gift To You..
My Gift To You..

I looked for a gift, I searched high and low
I browsed through the stores, for hours, I know
Yet nothing I found seemed to be right
So I journeyed home and called it a night.

In despair and frustration I sat alone, in deep thought
Then I realized your gift just couldn't be bought.
You're too special to me to settle for less
The gift that I give you must be the best!
So often we hurry through life unaware
That someday our loved ones will no longer be there.
We take for granted that tomorrow will come
But one day it won't, for all, not just some.

So the gift that I've chosen to give you today
Is a gift from my heart;
A few words I must say,
A big thank you for all the kindness you've shown,
A hug from my soul, for it's through you I've grown.
An I'm sorry if I have ever treated you wrong,
A Please forgive me - if you don't, I just can't go on.
Most of all, I love you from the depths of my heart,
You've blessed me so much, I don't know where to start.

You've inspired me, and you're special
So this gift I give to you,
Important words so seldom spoken
Yet each and every one rings true.
So consider this my unique gift
And a challenge for your life,
Don't rush away another day
Without making all things right.

Debra Hopkinson © 2008
~Tennessee Treasures poetry book~

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