My heart so often feels
a warmth, a cozy glow
with the loveliness of you
There is something special
in your soul
Somehow, in all you do
I don't know why
But, you fill my heart
each day
in your own special way
A coziness I feel
Just because you are
So gentle always
I don't know why
God gave you to me
this day
But, I do know why
I am glad
and grateful
for all the loving that we share-
As now I've come to know
the tenderness
your overflowing care

I thank God for all the beauty that you bear


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2008
Poetry From The Heart

Look not for outward beauty
in the youthfullness of skin,
but look always for a heart
that has loyalty within,
For outer beauty fades
and aging skin grows old,
but a loyal heart of love
will never leave you cold

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