Forever Friends
Forever Friends

God blessed us with friends
So we are never alone
Friends are angels in disguise
A real friend will let us atone

When we are born God chose you for my friend
We remain real friends because we share
He knows us individually
Friends tell us truths as they really care

Good friends will correct us when we err'
With a tactful lovingness not to hurt
These are the friends I love to be around
Taking time and never to be curt

Have a friend you can call on in need
Some friends are strong as trees
Kind hearts and someone to laugh with
All have different personalities

Patient, joyful and faithful
Are the attributes of good friends
This brings happiness to your heart
A love between two that transcends

Joyce Ann Geyer © 2008
Poetry by Joyce

These are the things you are to do:
Speak the truth to each other, and
render true and sound judgments
in your courts
Zechariah 8:16

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