A Special Friend
A Special Friend...

A special friend is someone
Who keeps your heart at rest.
A special friend is someone
Who feels You are the best.

This friend will always cry with you
When you are feeling blue.
But best of all they share your joy
When you are happy, too.
It's easy for a friend to cry when
Everything seems to go wrong.
It takes a special friend like you
To join my joyful song.

A friend is always there for you
Is a common phrase, you know?
And that is what you are for me,
And I want to tell you so.
I love the friendship that we share
It means so much to me.
You are my special friend today
And you will always be.

So when you're sad I'll cry with you
And when you're glad, I'll share.
You are my special friend and so,
For You I'll always be there.
And so, my special friend, I'll say
Whether together or apart,
You are a special friend to me
And are always in my heart.

Donna Faull 2008

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