~My Online Friends~

Maybe you don't look me right in the eye
Maybe you can't ever wipe my tears when I cry
Maybe we can't share some tea and honey so sweet
Or walk together down a path, or up the street

But, we can still be good friends, because you see
We met on the internet, you and me
And when you have a cyber friend, it matters not
How you look, what you wear, or what you've got

I don't care if your last name is Smith or Jones
Or if your size is perfect, plump, or skin and bones
You're there for me and I appreciate you
You've been a pal through thick and thin

You shared my glad times
And in my sad times, you made me grin
So I send this greeting card to you, dear friend so fine
To tell you, I'm so glad you're a pal of mine

And here's a hug, though not with arms

For that can't be...
But it's a hug, straight from my heart
To you, from me

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