Everyone Needs A Hug

A hug shows someone that you care
Hugs are for those who love to share
Whether far or near we just relate to the word
A hug shows a simple gesture even when heard.

Perhaps over the telephone, or written in a note
Love letters with kisses, and hugs that you wrote
Precious moments when you see a friend
And they give you tight hugs seemly without end.

Appropriate to give handshakes, but oh that little hug
Makes such a difference, and is like a medicinal drug
It generates a feeling of acceptance and of love
Shows the person that they think the world of.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world felt this way?
It sure would make a better place to live without dismay
Remember on this planet we are related one after another
All of us have family, friends or a sister or a brother.

© 2006 Joyce Ann Geyer
Poetry by Joyce

Live, Love and Enjoy!
~Quote by Joyce~

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