I have a special friend who I love so dear
She knows who she is and brings me cheer
We share our thoughts and ideas every day
Sending messages back and forth without delay.

I call her my best friend, she knows me well
Trust her with secrets, and know she'll never tell
I treasure our friendship her kind ways touch my heart
Knowing that we'll always be best friends and never part.
Now you know it's you because I sent this today
My message is filled with love and hugs to convey
You are the dearest sweetest person I ever met
I wanted to tell you, our friendship I'll never forget.

I love you dear one with all my heart
And kept you in my prayers from the very start
We have many likes, and a common bond
We love dear sweet Jesus of whom we are so fond.

© 2006 Joyce Ann Geyer
Poetry by Joyce

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