Path Of Friendship

Walk Softly Blessed Friend

Blessed is the one who, without asking,
Will understand
Blessed are you my friend,
For seeing the good in my hand.

Thank you for sending me little butterflies
For though I may live confined,
Your heart lifts me high
I am happy because I can see you fly.
You bring me blue skies, white clouds
I do not see the rain
Your loving heart has blocked my pain.

God made you special
You are an answer to my prayer
You who are blessed, I can see you everywhere.
You are in nature, flowers, rainbows of hope
You are in Christmas, Birthdays,
With you near, I now can cope.

You are so blessed
You hear my heart and listen to my soul
I see your sweet face wherever I go.
When I Smile,
It is because you bring me the joy of delight
When I cry, you give God back to my life,
All these things are because you are blessed
You love me, because you say I'm a gift.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me The people's poet
by Linda Ann Henry
Poems of Linda Ann Henry

My gift to you is in telling others how
you are heaven sent by God into my life.
I thank my God everytime I remember you
In all my prayers for all of you
I always pray with joy
Philippians 1:3&4

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