Your Friendship Means.....

Let me ponder on just how you
walked through,
The door into my heart
and knocked so tenderly
I didn't know you held a key
of love, to e'er impart
For, once you walked on in
There was no way I could know
You would be my forever friend
with so much love to show.

For, now I see my life
within, enriched, by all the kindness
of my friend, decorated by
the thoughtfullness
of all you choose to send.
I can tell, you'll stand
beside and be a friend in need...
and will come to share your comfort
In times of sorrow, grief.

You will give your tender smile,
and squeeze me by the hand...
No distance will inhibit
how much you understand,
For the miles life puts between us
are not a pain to bear, when we know
great time and space,
reveal how much we care.

We look on high, upon the skies
where our hearts are joined as one,
Where God as our eternal link
has made us friends
to be together forever
kept secure
within His love.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠApril 2011
Poetry From The Heart

The most lovely in life is close by:
joy in another's eyes,
fragrance on the path,
love from a gentle hand,
the life of God within our heart.

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