The Sight Of Stars ŠAlan Ayers

~This Is My Dream~

If we were close as neighbors
Then, this is what we'd do,
We'd build a gate there in the fence
So we could walk right through.

Evenings, we'd sit upon our porch
And talk long after sun has set,
And sing with the coyotes
To both our heart's content.

We'd share our fresh baked cookies
Or cakes we love to try,
At tea time in the mornings
Or when the sun fades in the sky.

If one of us was sick, we'd know
'Cause the curtain's would be drawn,
And so we'd share some chicken soup-
Slipping in the rear door.

If we're popping to the shops
We'd check the other's needs,
And each day we'd take a healthy walk
Down along the pretty creek.

Pretty flowers we would pick
Always some for you and me,
And seeds and cuttings we would share
For, that's just how we'd be.

Each other's family we would know
By whoever comes and goes,
They would call out 'hello there'
As they walked into your home.

And if we went on holiday
For the other's house we'd care,
Feed the pets and water plants
As a neighbour 'being there'.

Oh, my dream's a little heaven
To have you near by,
As my neighbour and my friend
Would be a gift divine.

And yet, we are all this, just so
In heart and mind and dream,
We are as close as God to us
For all eternity.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © April 2011
Poetry From The Heart

The pleasure of your company is a many sided affair,
it includes the pleasure of seeing you, hearing you talk,
watching your actions, your likes, dislikes and adventures,
the joy of hunting you up in your haunts,
and the delight when you hunt me up in mine

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