Best Buds For Keeps.....

Best Buds For Keeps.....

Oh, it's so very special
To keep a really good friend,
One easy to love
That stays close to the end.

For there's little that lasts
So much fades away,
Even friends who are treasured
Can't promise to stay.

For life always changes
And we have to adjust,
When our heart suffers hurts
And we're confused how to trust

But I found this sweet secret
To tuck deep inside,
All that is for keeps
Our God will provide.

So, if we're in Him
Then all the best stays,
For all that He loves
Will be coming our way.

So my most precious friend
As a gift of God's love,
We'll be best buds for now
And forever above.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © May 2011
Poetry From The Heart

"Too often we take things for granted but
I just wanted to show my appreciation for
all the loveliness that you have given me
through your love for me in so many ways."

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