Your Soul Is As A Journal.....

Your Soul Is As A Journal.....

There is more you haven't told me
That brings from you intrigue,
Intrigue of all you are
With so much more to read.

What e'er more love within you
Your heart will ever beat,
With more than I imagine
To warm the heart of me.

Sweet secrets from your childhood
The people you have known,
Curious places on life's journey
Delight, for me to know.

More words than you can utter
From God inspired depths,
More thoughts, more joys and insights
From times when you have wept.

Your soul is as a journal
The pages ever bare
Each time you talk to me
There's so much more to share.

Oh, the Lord would bless me always
With a friend's eternal heart,
Flowing with such beauty
His love to e'er impart.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © May 2011
Poetry From The Heart

We'll be as one again, my friend,
light years afar, this gladsome day;
Far away from where we are
and all our lips can ever say.
And we will know each other's hearts
and remember then, just how we met;
As time apart, love shan't forget.
For, we will be, together yet,
but would we ever wait til then,
Let's talk right now beneath the trees
and share the love of God again.

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