Being Together.....

~Being Together~

I thought if we were similar
Then friends we'd always be,
But if one is short, the other tall
How could the same be seen.

I thought if we were more alike
Then we would be real close,
But, we're so far apart
How would your heart I know.

I thought if we might shop sometimes
And share a cup of tea,
Or walk together on the way
We'd connect so beautifully.

I thought if we had lived quite near
To see each other more,
We'd visit, chat and laugh a lot
Knocking on each other's door.

I thought if all our hobbies matched
We'd have much to impart,
But aren't we finding, in the Lord
We're so very blessed
Forever heart to heart.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © May 2011
Poetry From The Heart


We cannot tell how and when
eternal friendship is....
As in music, note by note,
there is that last chord which makes the score;
so in a series of loveliness shared, there is,
the last beautiful cord
which creates the symphony.

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