Have a very happy Thursday......

Thankful Thursday......

As we give thanks for Thursday
I bid you peace and love,
And send my heartfelt prayer to you
For blessings from above.

I pray your soul be restful
And filled with thankful calm,
Uplifted in the wonder
Of God's own healing balm.

May you be glad for heaven's touch
The sweetness of God's hand,
Guiding you in everything
Directing every plan.

As His pathway leads you onward
Rejoicing every step,
God carry you each moment
May your Thursday be most blessed.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2011
Poetry From The Heart

I do not ask that He must prove
His Word is true to me,
And that before I can believe
He first must let me see.
It is enough for me to know
'Tis true because He says 'tis so;
On His unchanging Word I'll stand
And trust till I can understand.
--E. M. Winter


Have a Very
Happy Thursday!

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"Jesus Calls us"
Jesus calls us all to be shining for the world to see.
Reflections of His holy light come to drive away the night.
Jesus, Wonderful Savior give me a heart that is faithful and true.
All I have I will give till all that I have I have given to You.
O, how can I ever thank Him for all that He's done for me,
and how much more can I praise Him for setting me free?
Jesus help us all the be light for all the world to see.
Ever faithful to the call, Sharing how You died for all.

Copyright (c) Elton Smith
and Larry Holder