Gift of Love...........


Gift of Love...........


I shall not come to you
Neither you, to my own door,
But, shall that leave us lonely
When heart to heart is more...

Why need we view a smiley face
When friendship is of the soul,
When in God's Spirit world we live
And love is where we stroll...

Yes, every day we walk in Him,
In His own realm, unseen,
Along the pathway of His heart
We walk eternally...

And this is how we understand
The secret mystery,
We're not of earth, nor bound by time,
And love accordingly...

We need not touch, or taste, or feel
Nor, love we need to view,
God's life in us we know
Has made our friendship true...


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ŠJune 2011
Poetry From The Heart

We will meet again, my friend, a hundred years from today;
Far away from where we lived and where we used to play.
We will know each other's eyes and wonder where we met;
A hundred years apart will not make us forget.
Yes, we will meet, I'm sure of that,
but let's not wait til then,
Let's take a walk beneath the oaks
and share this world again.
~Ron Atchison~


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